Microsoft Power BI Course Free.

Microsoft Power BI Course


At the end of the Power BI course you will have the ability to provide your services as a business intelligence analyst in any company that requires collecting, organizing and analyzing information through tables, visualizations or graphs, which is necessary for making future decisions.

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 what will you learn

  1. Introduction to Power BI

  2. Data modeling

  3. Visual objects

  4. Data exploration

  5. Publication and sharing

      6 .DAX language

 Course Description

 By the end of this Power BI course, we hope that our students will be able to:

 • Understand the importance of Microsoft Power BI.

 • Create data models with Power BI.

 • Make reports, maps and dynamic graphics.

 • Create and monitor key information with Dashboards.

 • Publish and share reports made with Power BI.

 • Master the essential functions of the DAX language.


 Have knowledge in business analysis

 Have access to the PowerBI program

 At the end of the Power BI Course you can obtain a certificate of studies to evidence your new knowledge and skills...


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