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Pasta is possibly the second most popular Italian dish across the globe, the first being pizza. So much so that you will find it in almost every cuisine, modifying pasta sauces to suit the local palate. Ever wondered what makes pasta such a popular dish? Is it because pasta is wholesome, or are it the easy recipes that add to its fame? If you ask us, we feel it's the gooey, cheesy sauce with the perfect bite of pasta that makes us fall for it time and again. In fact, it won't be an exaggeration to say that a bowl of pasta uplifts the mood and makes us happy. Now, there are even scientific reasons for it. Yes, you read that right! A team of researchers from the "Behavioral & Brain Lab" at Italy's Free University of Languages and Communications IULM has found that "pasta can increase a person's happiness and boost their mood." Let's elucidate further.

Pasta And Happiness: What Is The Link Between Pasta And Human Behaviour?

During the study, the researchers found some interesting traits of how humans respond emotionally and neurophysiologically to eating pasta. According to the International Pasta Organisation, the researchers surveyed 40 subjects (20 women and 20 men), aged between 25 and 55, who had no recorded food allergies. They compared the emotional reactions of the people while tasting a plate of pasta to some of their favourite activities, including listening to music or watching a match, and more. Guess what the researchers concluded?

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It was confirmed that eating pasta caused a "positive emotional-cognitive state with the same results, if not even higher, than those recorded with music and sports," the report reads. It further states that the emotional experience of tasting your favorite pasta can be equal to that generated by the re-enactment of happy memories.

Explained: The four parameters that were examined while conducting the research are:

1. Memorisation Index: According to the International Pasta Organisation, it was found that the "pasta experience" beats music and sports in activating cognitive memory processes.

2. Engagement Index: Pasta is found to be the most addictive stimulus, compared to music and sports.

3. Emotional Index: As per the findings, pasta is paired with music and wins over sports for the best ability to cause positive emotions.

4. Happiness Index: Here too, pasta is positioned on the same level as one's favourite song and, at a higher level, than one's favourite sport.

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The Bottom Line:

Vincenzo Russo, founder and coordinator of the Neuromarketing Behavior & Brain Lab IULM, infers that it is precisely when we eat pasta that we are most emotionally active. "It is, therefore, the real act of tasting and savouring the dish in its full flavour to stimulate the most positive memories and emotions," he explains.

Now that you know why eating pasta makes you happy, we say you have all the more reasons to add it to your diet. But always remember, moderation is the key! Having anything in excess might affect your health and overall lifestyle negatively. Eat mindfully and make the most of your favourite pasta.

Meanwhile, here are some of our favourite pasta recipes for you. Enjoy a happy meal, everyone!

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